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Duane Pedrioli, born and raised in Modesto California then moved to Ukiah California, first obtained his license to practice plumbing back in 1984. From a very young age he was involved with construction. By the age of 19 he built and owned his own home with his first wife and two sons Nathan and Brandon. With that being said he’s been in the plumbing industry almost his whole life. After having his license for a few years, he ended up moving to the Santa Rosa area to work. Duane worked for 2 of the most prominent and well known plumbing companies in Sonoma County. During this time he met his second wife Cherri. She too had worked in construction her entire life, but not specifically plumbing.

Neither Duane nor Cherri could suppress their entrepreneurial spirit and decided to build their own business. Another plumbing veteran and friend, Craig Wagner said he would be interested in being partners with us. Craig had numerous connections to established contractors as well as over 43 years of plumbing experience, Cherri had strong connections with key vendors and accounting knowledge. Duane knew plumbing and how to run a crew. His experience was and always had been in the field.

So, in June 2004 the three eager entrepreneurs opened Custom Plumbing on a shoestring. Their very first job was for a well known contractor in Sonoma County. Soon thereafter they landed their first school plumbing project for Mod Tech, a company that built prefab manufactured classrooms.

Custom Plumbings third job was a 32 unit project. A few months later they found themselves buying trucks and hiring people. Like many start-ups, they had a home office from 2004-2009. They moved into their current location in January, 2009 and now with thirty+ employees, they found themselves amazed that the recession never hit them.

As the years passed, Custom Plumbing has developed a special niche due to their early experiences with into multi-family dwellings. With fewer competitors in this niche, Custom plumbing thrived. Our current projects range from 50 to 375 units.

Custom Plumbing is proud of the quality of craftsmanship they bring to each and every project and backup their work with a one year construction warranty, in most cases. Their customers come back because they know that Custom Plumbing does not abandon their work.

Custom Plumbing is a family owned business and our employees are not just our employees, they are family. Their family are our family. I think that’s why we have a high retention rate with our staff and I think that’s why our customers keep coming back.

Cherri Pedrioli

Partner, Custom Plumbing of Northern California

Custom Plumbing
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