Safety is Job One

As a commercial plumbing contractor, we understand that safety is a critical component for the successful completion of any project. 

Licensed Plumbers Committed to OSHA Compliance 

Part of keeping your next job site safe is ensuring that only plumbers trained and licensed to use specific equipment do so. Our licensed and insured plumbers work in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards and do their work with injury prevention in the forefront of their minds. 

The U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA set tough standards that all of our plumbers comply with. These standards include what constitutes a safe job site and the kinds of materials and hardware that licensed commercial plumbers can handle. 

Only machinery and equipment that is compliant with OSHA Standards Part 1926 will be used by our employees. Moreover, only those employees who are qualified to use that equipment will do so. This effectively is a dual safeguard that ensures workplace safety – you know upfront what types of equipment is approved for use and you have our professional assurance that only trained plumbers will use it. 

Supervision and Worksite Walk-Throughs 

Every apprentice on the worksite will be supervised and only commit to work tasks for which that apprentice is trained. In addition, all of our plumbers receive weekly safety education.

Plumbers actually face some unique liabilities. For instance, plumbers have to worry about exposure to a host of known toxins, such as lead, asbestos and industrial solvents. 

Slipping on wet surfaces and falls are also problematic in many of the workplace environments that plumbers face on a daily basis. Here, too, contractors can spot problems before they occur by taking a site walk-through before your project gets underway. 

Preventing Injury and Workplace Fatigue 

One way in which we make the workplace safer is by guaranteeing our work conforms to building codes and local safety regulations. We also require that all of our contractors commit to illness prevention programs and the use of material safety data sheets. 

Shifts and clear schedules are also critical for eradicating workplace fatigue. Reducing fatigue, lessening stress and periodically checking up on plumbers working alone ensures that all of our contractors remain safe and effective. 

While there’s no way to fully prevent some workplace dangers, we’re committed to reducing their occurrence.

The risk of eye injury, for example, is mitigated by having our contractors wear protective gear while musculoskeletal injuries and strains can be reduced by providing our plumbers with breaks. 

Our plumbers will come to your next job site with safety gear in hand. For our plumbers this includes appropriate footwear and safety goggles to prevent eye damage from debris. 

Moreover, in terms of equipment, our plumbers use hardware with inbuilt ground fault circuit interrupters to prevent electric shocks and lessen workplace danger for other contractors. That said, basic “housekeeping” safety measures like quickly wiping up wet spots and safely disposing flammable materials are also critical for maintaining workplace safety. 

All of these safety measures taken together – e.g., OSHA compliance, supervision, periodic breaks to prevent fatigue and the use of safety equipment – create a safer and ultimately more effective workplace environment moving forward. 

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