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Student housing, or co-operative housing complexes, are buildings created for university or college students. It’s important to note that at the same time students experience everything that higher education offers, they benefit from an added sense of camaraderie by living in communal housing. 

Considerations for Your Next Project 

With concrete frames, possibly three stories or more, and potentially hundreds of bathrooms, you don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to creating co-operative housing complexes.

The fact is that multi-story complexes pose different challenges than home plumbing projects, including boosting water pressure up to higher floors and choosing the right storage tank for your next project. 

Whether your next construction project is steel-frame based or concrete-frame based, one thing’s for certain: contemporary student housing needs modern appointments.

Student housing plumbing contractors that are familiar with multiple-stage booster pumps, vacuum drainage systems and modern plumbing appliances can be a huge asset when it comes to creating co-operative housing complexes that students are happy to call home. 

Why Student Housing Plumbing Contractors 

Student housing plumbing contractors are already familiar with many of the challenges of creating functional plumbing and installing fixtures in multi-story complexes. A commercial plumbing firm, for example, draws on experience creating drainage and hot water systems for large complexes like hotels and large nursing homes. 

Experience is also vital for understanding how peak water demand can affect the type of plumbing architecture and appliances that student housing complexes require to effectively operate.

Understanding how many gallons per minute a certain number of fixtures can sustain and weighing that ratio against the number of students that a co-operative housing complex will one day hold is essential to consider before embarking on a new commercial project. 

Getting water out of a student housing complex through a well-designed drainage system is in many ways as important as bringing water in. A student housing plumbing contractor has experience installing vertical drain stacks, fixture vent pipes and relief vent connections at the right points to facilitate proper (and safe) drainage. 

Efficient and Affordable Multi-story Plumbing 

New constructions can be daunting, yet many developers take heart knowing that even ambitious projects can be completed in under a year.

What does this mean in practical terms? This means that in under 12 months you could have over 200 complete bathrooms in a multi-story student housing complex serving literally hundreds of students. 

Today’s student housing often means more than ten stories, concrete frames and modern plumbing appointments. A student housing plumbing contractor working with an established firm knows all of the challenges in water storage, drainage and booster systems at the outset and can leverage that knowledge to his client’s advantage.  

Even student housing that requires over 400 bathrooms and thousands of individual fixtures to keep up with peak water demand is not a problem for an experienced student housing plumbing contractor.

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