Quality is All About Attitude and Discipline

A commercial plumbing firm committed to quality is an indispensable ingredient to your next project.

Quality at Custom Plumbing means that all of our commercial plumbing contractors are fully trained to provide you with the best possible service. 

Trained and Licensed Plumbing Contractors 

Our plumbers have completed PHCC apprenticeship training and received educational background training that informs every aspect of their professionalism in the field.

The Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Plumbers Unilateral Apprenticeship program is a state-approved program that also provides project managers with added peace of mind that they’re hiring skilled and reliable contractors. 

The apprenticeship program entails over 7,000 hours of real-world apprenticeship training and 800 hours of classroom instruction. 

Strong Professional Relationships  

The fact that our plumbers are trained and experienced also means that our plumbers arrive on-time without exception and can meet the rigors of quick buildouts. New constructions are our specialty and meeting the scheduling demands of your next project is what our plumbing are trained to do. 

In tough economic times it’s important to have the added assurance that you’re hiring the best commercial plumbing contractors that the area has to offer. Over the years we’ve built relationships throughout Northern California, in general, and the Counties of Sonoma, Napa, Marin and the rest of the Bay Area.

We work with local developers to ensure that projects meet strict deadlines and tight budgetary constraints. Our commercial plumbers also leverage the latest technologies from companies like Delta, AO Smith, and Kohler to guarantee that all of your future appliances and fixtures last the test of time. 

A close relationship with local developers and suppliers also means that we fully honor our service warranties. Just give us a call if you ever experience any problems with our work within the warranty period and we’ll have a plumber out to diagnose and correct the problem.

Past Successes and Future Direction 

Over the years we’ve helped clients in Northern California with new constructions and major renovations. We’ve created the plumbing infrastructure for the following: local shopping centers, apartment complexes, and local stores. 

Our plumbers embrace new challenges yet know what they can do well and draw on past successes.

Another one of our niche areas is installing energy-efficient fixtures and appliances and an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. Our partnership with Pace Plumbing Supplies, Cal-Steam, and WHCI informs this commitment and serves the needs of our clients. 

California is currently experiencing a water shortage and we’re committed to taking steps towards combating that immediate shortage and siding with energy-efficient plumbing hardware suppliers far into the future. 

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Custom Plumbing is a family owned firm that only hires dedicated and experienced commercial plumbers. 

Our firm has experience with a range of new buildouts – from hotels and shopping centers to restaurants and apartment complexes – and we’re eager to leverage our experience and commitment to quality to your advantage. 

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